EMS Academy looking for ‘right people in right spots’

Published 12:01 pm Wednesday, September 22, 2021

College is a wonderful thing, but a four-year degree may not be for everyone. The next three weeks the American Press will explore jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree, including the coursework or other training that is required for a an associates degree or certification. An emergency medical technician is one of those jobs.

The National EMS Academy and Acadian Ambulance Service are teaming up to train and hire individuals who are interested in becoming an EMT in the Lake Charles area. Individuals will participate in an accelerated program in order to earn EMT certification.

National EMS Academy is nationally accredited and an American Heart Association Training Center for CPR and ECC courses.

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“Acadian Ambulance will cover the fees and the tuition,” Andrews said. “Plus, they will pay $11 an hour during the seven-week program as you’re being trained.”

Like most companies in Southwest Louisiana, Acadian Ambulance has had its manpower hard hit by workers misplaced by hurricanes, plus the company is dealing with a higher demand for services because of COVID.

“Everybody is in overdrive and shifts are longer,” she said. “We need the right people in the right spots. That’s why we are offering this accelerated, paid training.”          

Who makes a good EMT? Andrews said people interested in the medical field, people who want to help others, people who want to make a difference by helping save lives and people who want to make patient contact are the right people for the job.    

“Good EMTs are individuals who perform better under pressure and can exercise critical thinking skills quickly and get the job done,” Andrews said. “They’re good communicators, able to maintain a calm composure and speak to the patient and family.”

After the seven-week course is completed, students will commit two years to Acadian Ambulance, where they will go “straight into EMT pay,” according to Andrews.

The basic EMT pay is $30,800 annually in this area. Andrews said there are opportunities for advancement, especially for those who use the EMT training as a springboard for paramedic school.

“Paramedics make much more,” Andrews said. “They take advanced training in life saving systems and go on harder calls.”

“Actually becoming an EMT might be a wonderful building block for a four-year degree,” said Andrea Andrews, a spokesperson for National EMS Academy, an Acadian Ambulance Company. “A person could get their Registered Nursing degree and jump on a helicopter with us.”

The course will begin Monday, Nov. 1, and classes will be held in Lake Charles. Interested students can learn more about the program by visiting https://nationalemsacademy.com/proggrams/accelerated-emt-program-lake-charles/