Lowest-seed Carrington has beaten three of top four seeds

Published 7:00 pm Saturday, December 14, 2019

Bruce Carrington (red) takes on Rashiem Jefferson (blue) at the Civic Center in Lake Charles, La., Friday, Dec.13, 2019. (Rick Hickman/Lake Charles American Press)

Rick Hickman

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Bruce Carrington wanted to take a shot at making the Olympics, a decision that looks wise at the moment after he won his third straight fight at the USA Boxing Olympic Trials Friday to earn a spot in the final round.

Carrington entered the trials as the lowest-seeded boxer in the 125-pound weight class, but has now beaten three of the top four seeds after earning a decision over No. 3 Rashiem Jefferson. He is in the driver’s seat now, needing just one more win to win the national team spot.

If he loses his next fight Sunday, he will go to a box-off Monday with a second chance to win.

“I’m above cloud nine right now, I have supreme confidence,” he said. “I’m ready to take over the whole thing. I thought about turning pro but I knew there were still things I wasn’t doing correctly with my defense. I’m so glad I stayed because I’m 100 percent ready now. My defense is impeccable. I have great international experience. That has helped because those guys keep up a fast pace, throw a lot of punches and have great defense. A lot of these guys at nationals don’t have the experience that I do. I think I have the edge. It was a big deal to come through the winner’s bracket, to just need that one win now to get out.”

Also clinching a spot in the finals was another 8th seed, 201-pounder Darius Fulghum of Rosharon, Texas, who advanced with a win over Jamar Talley of New Jersey.

Unlike Carrington, who began boxing at age 7, Fulghum is a late arrival to the sport. He didn’t step into the ring until his last year of high school, and only after giving wresting and mixed martial arts a try first.

“It was kind of random, I was just looking for something to do, and when I tried boxing I just fell in love with it,” he said. “I’m not even sure what it was that made me like it. It’s just something I had a passion for and wanted to keep doing.”

Fulghum did most of his damage from the outside against Talley.

“My counterpunching was good today, whenever he threw a jab I used my feet and a little parry as my main defense,” he said. “That was working well, he didn’t hit me with too many shots.”

Saturday’s fights will begin at noon at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Winners will advance to the finals to be held at the Golden Nugget Sunday and if necessary Monday. Admission is $20 and is good for both the afternoon Olympic trials and the evening youth and junior division national championship finals, which begin at 6 p.m.

FRIDAY’S RESULTS – Winner’s Bracket

Winners advance to Sunday’s final and will need to lose twice to be eliminated.


112 — No. 1 Virginia Fuchs def. No. 2 Heaven Garcia

125 — No. 7 Andrea Medina def. No. 7 Lupe Gutierrez

132 — No. 1 Rashida Ellis def. No. 3 Kimberly Carlson

152 — No. 1 Oshae Jones def. No. 3 Danyelle Wolf
165 — No. 1 Naomi Graham def. No. 2 Morelle McCane, walkover


114 — No. 2 Abraham Perez def. No. 4 Anthony Herrera

125 — No. 8 Bruce Carrington def. No. 3 Rashiem Jefferson

138 — No. 1 Keyshawn Davis def. No. 3 Charlie Sheehy

152 — No. 2 Delante Johnson def. No. 5 Kelvin Davis

165 — No. 2 Javier Martinez def. No. 1 Troy Isley

178 — No. 1 Rahim Gonzales def. No. 2 Atif Oberlton

201 — No. 8 Darius Fulghum def. No. 7 Jamar Talley

SHV — No. 3 Antonio Mireles def. No. 4 Jeremiah Milton

Loser’s Bracket

Losers are eliminated. Winners will fight elimination bouts Saturday, with the winners of those fights advancing to the final round, when they will have to win twice but will be eliminated with a loss.


112 — No. 4 Christian Cruz def. No. 3 Mariana Gonzalez

125 — No. 2 Isamary Aquino def. No. 6 Iyana Verduzco

132 — No. 2 Amelia Moore def. No. 6 Jennifer Lopez

152 — No. 8 Briana Che def. No. 8 Mary Spencer

165 — No. 5 Alexis Gomez def. No. 4 Melody Popravak


114 — No. 6 Roscoe Hill def. No. 3 Jose Nieves

125 — No. 2 David Navarro def. No. 1 Duke Ragan

138 — No. 5 Ernesto Mercado def. No. 4 Harley Mederos

152 — No. 1 Freudis Rojas def. No. 8 Lavars Carter

165 — No. 3 Joseph Hicks def. No. 7 Francis Hogan

178 — No. 5 Orville Crooks def. No. 4 Rasheed Smith

201 — No. 4 Brandon Moore def. No. 3 Devon Young

SHV — No. 1 Luis Alvarado def. No. 7 Kenyon Walker