Kleckley, Johns: Jindal budget good starting point

Published 12:40 pm Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed spending plan that was unveiled Friday “certainly looks better” than expected, with higher education not experiencing as deep of a cut, said Speaker of the House Chuck Kleckley.

But Kleckley, R-Lake Charles, said there is plenty of work left to do as this year’s legislative session approaches.

“(Jindal’s) budget was a good starting point,” he said. “But we still have some work to do. It’ll be an interesting session to say the least.”

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The budget proposal calls for putting a cap on what the state spends on tax credits. Of the $526 million the proposal states it would generate, just over $372 million would go toward higher education.

“I think the message higher education has sent over the last couple of months has been heard very loud and clear,” he said. “We have to minimize any cuts to higher ed.”

However, that still leaves another $200 million gap that lawmakers will have to deal with once the legislative session gets underway April 13.

The House Appropriations Committee will begin considering Jindal’s budget proposal, starting March 17.

solutions for some gaps in health care – and get a budget that’s sustainable for the future

(a couple of ideas presented today

la is 48 on what we charge in cigarette tax, that’s a possible solutions

refundable tax credits out there that may be avail albe – credits and exemptions

possible savings in health care –

ther’e a variety of solutions – out there – finding support among legislature – to help fill

think support among legislature will be there to do that

it’s important to help this year – and give stability

so they don’t have to come to legislature every year and fight for every single dollar

also would like to do – $300 million of non-recurring money in there (built into budget that is non-recurring – my goal is to take one-time money – important to remove all non-recurring money from the budget

try to find solutions for that also

next administration give them something to work with for the

Ronnie – Johns –””

Gov. Bobby Jindal (American Press)

Rick Hickman