Participants in ‘Zombie Run’ will run for their lives

By By Jordan Gribble / Special to the American Press

Training to run a 5K isn’t easy. Training to run a 5K during which you’ll be chased by zombies is slightly harder. Even though

the phrase “run for your lives” wasn’t meant to apply to competitive running events, that’s exactly what the mantra of one

local organization’s first charity run will be.

Fusion Five a local organization for

young professionals will host the first annual End of the Human Race:

Zombie Run on Feb.

16, with proceeds benefitting programs such as seminars, speakers

and networking events to propel the careers of its members.

The race, which will be held in Roanoke, will feature eight 5K

races throughout the day, with the competition focusing on

making it to the finish line with your life.

Although zombies are notoriously brain hungry, Fusion Five Board Member Ashli Waldrep said that the zombies in this race will

try to contain their appetite for human flesh and be purely focused on keeping runners from crossing the finish line with

their lives intact.

“If you’re a runner in the race you’ll be outfitted with a flag football belt, the flags on the belt will represent your life.

Throughout the course we’ll have zombies try to take those lives from you before you cross the finish line,” Waldrep said.

“Along the course we’ll also have ‘Hunger Games’-style backpacks, if a runner sees it, they can pick it up and it will contain

an extra life. The catch is that the backpack will have some weight in it, and they’ll have to carry it for the remainder

of the race,” Waldrep said.

She said this will slow runners down making it easier for packs of registrants dressed as zombies to pick them off.

Runners who do have all of their lives

taken by zombies are encouraged to finish the race but will be

ineligible for prizes.

Prizes will be given out for each race in the categories of

first-, second- and third- place runners for both males and females,

best zombie costume and for the zombie who has accrued the most

flags at the event’s Brain Bash, which will be held immediately

after the day’s last scheduled race and will feature the band The

Lochness Mobsters.

Registration has been closed for

runners, though those still wishing to participate can register as a

zombie for $25 dollars.

Zombies are encouraged to dress up, and a makeup artist will be

present at the event to complete their undead look. More information

for the event can be found online at