Ogden Myers exhibit to show art’s change through history

By By Cliff Seiber / American Press

Hawaii resident Ogden Myers will have an exhibit of his paintings at Stellar Beans Coffee House & Edibles at 319 Broad St.

Ogden will attend the opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday.

The 85-year-old artist was born in

Manhattan and grew up in Connecticut. After a term in the service, he

attended the University

of Arizona and the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. He

worked in architectural firms in LA until he got a job in

architecture, mostly designing condominiums, in Hawaii in 1964.

“I’ve been there ever since,” he said.

The paintings on display will show quite a difference in style from the 1960s to 2010, he said.

“I could always draw what I could see, but as time went on, there were more and more compromises with the abstract — abstract

thinking, abstract opinions, abstract appreciation.”

He studied Chinese calligraphy and has “modernized” some scripts in his paintings, along with Japanese writing.

At age 65 he took a course in philosophy and has given a lot of thought to the philosophy of art.

“Real is great, but it doesn’t tell me why I know in my heart that something is beautiful,” he said.

His daughter, D’Ellen Myers, teaches at Sowela Technical Community College and is urging him to move here.