Drinking, driving and texting don’t mix

Mock car crash reveals fatal consequences of driving, texting under the influence

WESTLAKE — A mock car crash on Wednesday showed Westlake High School students how impairment and texting while driving could lead to fatal consequences.

“It’s like I can’t help them and I’m waiting for someone to come and help, but I’m helpless,” said sophomore Kalyn “BB” Conrad.

Presented by State Police and the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital trauma team, the mock crash centered around two intoxicated boys leaving a high school dance and colliding head on with their female classmates. Students watched as first responders attended to the crash victims during their “golden hour of trauma,” the most critical time period after a severe crash.

During the scenario, the male passenger, who was not wearing a seat belt, was pronounced dead at the scene. The female passenger was significantly injured and had to be pried from the car with the Jaws of Life. The female driver suffered minor injuries.

The male driver admitted to texting while driving, failed his sobriety test and was jailed on several charges, including vehicular homicide.

Carson James, a freshman, said seeing the effects of drinking and driving will stay with him.

“Just looking at them and reacting, it can really happen,” he said.

Students agreed the fear of going to jail likely plays a role in whether they decide to drive under the influence or ride with an impaired driver.

“Just don’t get in the car,” Julia Bearb, a sophomore, said.

They agreed with advice from the narrator of the mock crash — plan ahead or use a ride-share service like Lyft.

“Just make the decision to call your parents; make the decision to call your friends,” Conrad said. “After all, one decision can lead to somebody’s life ending.”

‘Just make the decision to call your parents; make the decision to call your friends. After all, one decision can lead to somebody’s life ending.’

Kalyn “BB” Conrad

Westlake High sophomore


Westlake High School students watch during a mock crash on Wednesday as their classmates experience the devastating effects of drinking, driving and texting.

Rick Hickman””

Westlake High School student “Jude” is read his Miranda rights during his arrest at Wednesday’s mock crash.

Rick Hickman