SW La. school lunch menus March 4-8

The following menus for March 4-8 for area schools have been submitted by supervisors of food services. Menus are subject to change.



MONDAY: Chicken Philly or chicken salad sub, French fries, cauliflower with hummus, fruit cocktail, raisins, brownie bit or chocolate.

TUESDAY: Chili cheese tots or chili cheese burrito, garden salad, tomato slices/dressing, green beans, applesauce, orange, Rice Krispies Treat.

WEDNESDAY: Gumbo or turkey roast with gravy, rice, cranberry sauce, lima beans, potato salad, homemade roll, strawberry cup, banana.

THURSDAY: Turkey crunchy taco or beef burrito, salsa, taco salad cup with shredded cheese, refried beans, peaches pear.

FRIDAY: Ham and cheese or grilled cheese sandwich, sweet potato fries, great northern or navy beans, apricots, apple.


MONDAY: Pancake with syrup, sausage link, melon cup, banana,

TUESDAY: Cinnamon Toast Crunch soft-filled bar or egg bake bites, graham cracker, fruit cocktail, raisins.

WEDNESDAY: Egg and cheese burrito or toast with jelly, yogurt cup, applesauce, orange.

THURSDAY: Ham slice and scrambled eggs, butter toast, frozen strawberry cup, banana.

FRIDAY: Pop-tarts or grits, cheddar cheese cuts or string cheese stick, peaches, pears.



MONDAY: Chicken nuggets, potatoes and gravy, green beans, apple, roll.

TUESDAY: Crunchy beef taco, Spanish rice, red beans, taco salad cup, pears.

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti and meat sauce, carrots, garden salad, peaches, bread stick.

THURSDAY: Sloppy Joes, baked beans, sweet potato fries, fruit cup.

FRIDAY: Cheesy potato soup, broccoli, peaches, cornbread.


MONDAY: Breakfast pizza, pears.

TUESDAY: Grilled cheese, pears.

WEDNESDAY: Scrambled eggs, toast, sliced apples.

THURSDAY: Cereal, toast, orange wedges.

FRIDAY: Oatmeal, toast, pears.



MONDAY: Chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, baby carrots, mixed vegetables, kiwi.

TUESDAY: Cajun chicken pasta, salad, glazed carrots, honeydew melon, Italian rolls.

WEDNESDAY: Cheeseburger, French fries, baked beans, strawberries.

THURSDAY: Jambalaya, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cornbread muffins, applesauce cups.

FRIDAY: Chili cheese bean burritos, ranchero beans, broccoli and cheese, peaches.


MONDAY: Crunchy cereal, apples.

TUESDAY: Pancakes, pears.

WEDNESDAY: Biscuits, scrambled eggs, fruit salad.

THURSDAY: Breakfast pizza, bananas.

FRIDAY: Build-your-own-parfait with mixed berries, granola.



MONDAY: Pulled pork sandwich, goldfish crackers, potato wedges, baked beans, diced pears.

TUESDAY: Beef and cheese nachos, fixing cup, pinto beans, orange.

WEDNESDAY: Gumbo, black-eyed peas, mandarin oranges, crackers.

THURSDAY: Hamburger, sweet potato fries, sandwich cup, sliced peaches, Rice Krispies Treat.


MONDAY: Cinnamon swirls, peach cup.

TUESDAY: French toast sticks, mandarin oranges.

WEDNESDAY: Whole-grain biscuit burrito with egg, turkey sausage and cheese, fruit cup, raisins.

THURSDAY: Grilled cheese sandwich, pears cup.

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MONDAY: Chicken wings, baked beans, steamed broccoli, roll, mixed fruit.

TUESDAY: Taco burrito bowl, rice, cheese, corn, salsa, Texas toast, fruit.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken bites, sweet potato puffs, baby carrots, biscuit, fruit.

THURSDAY: Chicken and sausage jambalaya, green beans, yams, cornbread, pears.

FRIDAY: Grilled cheese, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, cookie, peaches.


MONDAY: Sunrise stick, pears.

TUESDAY: Dutch waffle, scrambled eggs, mandarin oranges.

WEDNESDAY: Pop Tarts, mixed fruit.

THURSDAY: Breakfast bagel, fruit.

FRIDAY: Cereal, yogurt, peaches.



MONDAY: Hamburger, French fries, ranch-style beans, lettuce/tomato/pickle cup, orange wedges.

TUESDAY: Whole-grain spaghetti, meat sauce, steamed corn, toss salad cup, whole-wheat garlic bread, fruit.

WEDNESDAY: Fish burger or fish sticks, baked beans, oven-baked fries, mixed fruit.

THURSDAY: Chicken and sausage gumbo, steamed rice, seasoned green beans, potato salad, peach crunch, ice cream.

FRIDAY: Virtual Day.


MONDAY: Pancake sausage on a stick, pear halves.

TUESDAY: Assorted cereal, cinnamon graham cracker, fruit.

WEDNESDAY: Breakfast wrap, banana.

THURSDAY: Blueberry snackn’ waffle, cinnamon spice apples.

FRIDAY: Virtual Day.

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