Results from the 1st performance of the 1st go-round at the La. High School Finals Rodeo

Rodrick Anderson

Louisiana High School Finals Rodeo

at West Cal Arena, June 3

1st go-round, 1st performance results


Bareback riding

Athlete, School.   Pts.

1, Jacob Owens, Home School.  63

Travis Ragsdale, Home School. NS

Mason Ortego, West Feliciana.  NS


Saddle Bronc riding

Athlete, School.  Pts.

Coy Hebert, Jeff Davis.  73

Jace Nixon, St. Louis.  NS


Barrel racing

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Kylie Cliburn, Dutchtown.  16.080

Avery Tate, Rayne.  16.532

Anna Forsythe, Home School.  16.918

Camryn Richard, Sam Houston.  17.129

Cheyenne Seaux, LCA.  17.179

Lindsey Lee, Buckeye.  17.213

Katelyn Schlang, St. Louis.  17.351

Alyssa Culpepper, Lakeside.  17.416

McKenzie Gauthier, False River.  17.549

Alyssa Gary, Iowa.  17.795

Krysta Theriot, Southside.  18.033

Mariah Crosby, Riverfield.  18.422

Laney Walker, Rosepine.  19.101

Makenna Fairchild, St. Amant   30.677


Tie down roping

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Jacob Coleman, Downsville.  14.66

Dominic Broussard, Delcambre.  15.01

Jayce Reeves, S. Beauregard.  23.52

Colby Creamer, Lakeview.  23.86

Collin Arnould, N. Vermilion.  NT

Drake Carret, Teurlings Cath.   NT

Will Harris, Cedar Creek.  NT

Jacob Townsend, Magnolia.  NT

Matthew Weeks, Home School.  NT

Gatlin Martin, Jeff Davis.  NT

Jayden Broussard, Teurlings.  NT

Cayden Summers, Univ. View.  NT


Breakaway roping

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Meadow Raymond, Oak Grove.  2.38

Claire Vincent, Jeff Davis.  2.88

Mackenzie Floyd, Scared Heart.  3.54

Kynslee Fruge, Iowa.  4.00

Kaylee Fruge, Iowa.  12.51

Kinley Leblanc, Bell City.  12.92

Abby Hillman, Riverfield.  13.26

Sydnie Romero, Jeff Davis.  NT

Lexi Lege, Acadiana.  NT

Mattie Waite, Sulphur.  NT

Harlee Styron, Jeff Davis.  NT

Karli Kyle, Sam Houston.  NT

Kallie Deveer, Dutchtown.  NT

Kylie Cliburn, Dutchtown.  NT

Anna Williams, Tioga.  NT

Cheyenne Seaux, LCA.  NT

Stoney Raymond, Oak Grove.  NT


Steer wrestling

Athlete, SchoolTm.

Gatlin Martin, Jeff Davis   4.04

Will Harris, Cedar Creek.  4.79

Kase Busby, Hicks.  5.09

Gabe Leonard, Bell City.  19.94

Judd Morrison, S. Beauregard.  NT


Goat tying

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Mackenzie Floyd, Sacred Heart.  9.17

Alyssa Culpepper, Lakeside.  9.15

Mattie Waite, Sulphur.  9.44

Meadow Raymond, Oak Grove.  10.71

Addison Kay, Bell City.  10.80

Anna Williams, Tioga.  11.20

Darbi Demoss, Magnolia.  NT


Team roping

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Channing Johnson, S. Beauregard

  Wyatt Risinger, Junction City.  8.92

Mason Richard, S. Beauregard

  Jayce Reeves, S. Beauregard.  8.94

Matthew Weeks, Home School

  Gatlin Martin, Jeff Davis.  15.78

Luke Dubois, Parkview

  Corey Reid, Home School.  13.87

Judd Morrison, S. Beauregard

  Hadley Morrison, S. Beauregard   24.25

Kolby Lasyone, Winnfield

  Chance Hebert, S. Beauregard.  24.46

Rance Fike, Home School

  Layton Cormier, Acadiana.  NT

Cayden Summers, Univ. View

  Hayden Aymond, Buckeye.  NT

John Murphy, Bell City

  Spencer Judice, Rayne.  NT

Kase Busby, Hicks

  Will Thibodeaux, Oak Hill.  NT


Pole bending

Athlete, School.  Tm.

Mariah Crosby, Riverfield.  20.473

Millie Frey, Acad. Sacred Heart.  20.694

Anna Forsythe, Home School.  21.256

Sarah Fontenot, Acadiana   21.660

Camryn Richard, Sam Houston.  21.797

Alyssa Culpepper, Lakeside.  22.482

Grace Caskey, Calvin.  26.133

Laney Walker, Rosepine.  26.685

Turner Frasier, Ruston.  26.771

Katelyn Schlang, St. Louis.  27.141

Makenna Fairchild, St. Amant.  33.119

Samantha Vidrine, Ville Platte.  33.982

Krysta Theriot, Southside.  NT


Bull riding

Athlete, School.  Pts.

Dustin Caswell, Home School.  NS

Kolby Stelly, Home School.  NS

Taylor Allen, Livonia.  NS

Trey Carroll, Parkview Christian.  NS




Southwest La. cowboy Gatlin Martin had the top time in steer wrestling Thursday night during the 1st performance of the 1st go-round at the La. High School Finals Rodeo 4.04 seconds.

Rodrick Anderson/American Press

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