Exceptional educational opportunities through Lake Charles charter schools

When it comes to your child’s education, you have options

<p>Lake Charles charter schools successfully serve the community through three locations with a distinct focus on academic rigor, character building, and experienced-based learning.</p>

An opportunity to choose quality education, rooted in morals and discipline, is now available to all Calcasieu Parish area youth. Regardless of income or place of residence, area charter schools provide an excellent, educational choice.

Lake Charles charter schools provide programs not available in every school. Like private schools, area charter schools operate under on-site management and are independently governed. Unlike private schools, charter schools are tuition-free. Unlike traditional public schools, every charter school must demonstrate success, or it will lose its charter.

Due to demonstrated academic accomplishment and a positive Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) review, Lake Charles charter schools successfully serve the community through three locations. Our instructional methods focus on academic rigor, character building, and experienced-based learning. Through partnerships with business, industry and educational centers, our students will be prepared to live in and serve the surrounding community.

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Lake Charles Charter Academy (LCCA) has been in the Lake Area since 2011. LCCA and Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy (SWLCA) both serve Pre-K – 8th grades. Lake Charles College Prep (LCCP) proudly serves grades 9th – 12<sup>th</sup>.  LCCP offers a separate Freshman Academy, which assures a customized high school transition.

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Lake Charles charter schools have achieved successful enrollment numbers for the 2018-2019 school year.  LCCA and LCCP have waiting lists; SWLCA has limited openings in each grade, and the word about these schools’ culture of learning is emerging.  The 2,100 students enrolled shows the community’s confidence.

Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy logo

It’s a new year at SWLCA, under the new leadership of Principal Kim Lewis. With a proven curriculum at its core, SWLCA provides the pathway for improving student learning and academic achievement.

Charity Kately, an SWLCA parent, explained her satisfaction with sending her daughter to an area charter school.

“When we moved here a year ago, SWLCA brought my daughter out of her shell,” Kately said, “and I am really happy with everything my children have accomplished, as a result of the charter schools.” Parents such as Kately, who are looking for something different for their children, can call 337-475-7910 to find out more, or visit 1700 E. McNeese while seats remain.

“…We have had a great turn out and are excited for what this new school year will bring," said SWLCA Principal Lewis. “If you have not yet visited SWLCA, we invite you to come and see us and become a part of our success.”

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