Local woman celebrates recovery

When Janet Thymes’ sister, Maxine McGregor, 58, was released from Lake Charles Memorial after recovering from COVID-19, she said that she felt “victorious, grateful and thankful.”

“When I got the call that she had a 50-50 chance of making it … I just got on the road (from Houston) and got down there,” explained Thymes recalling in early March when her sister was admitted to the hospital.

In early March, Maxine McGregor was admitted to Lake Charles Memorial after she came home from a church choir meeting and began to feel chills. A day or so later, she was running a 102-degree fever and had a cough. After visiting an Urgent Care and returning home, another church member called to tell her to get tested for the coronavirus since another church choir member had tested positive.

Once at the hospital, she ended up testing positive. She remained in ICU for a time before testing negative two to three weeks later before being sent to another floor to begin her journey of recovery so she could be released home.

McGregor graciously thanks Dr. Washington, Dr. George, and especially Dr. Carter, “I bless and I pray for him. When he came in … he said to me ‘you’re going to make it.’ I told him that ‘I thank God for you’. He told me is ‘All I want you to do is pray for me like I pray for you.’ I can tell he’s a people person and loves to help people.”

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging across the globe for months now, and has taken the lives of approximately 66, 921 Americans with 170, 179 people having recovered.

“It felt great! I miss all the workers because they took such good care of me. I have no complaints at all,” said McGregor when asked about how she felt upon leaving the hospital virus-free.

McGregor spoke about how much of a role that faith, medical staff, family, and friends have played in her recovery.

“The biggest support was like the whole world—everybody was praying…I have one sister and four kids and relatives, cousins all over. Everybody was praying. The nurses were good to me and made me laugh. I also thank God because he never leaves me!”

After being released Friday, May 1, McGregor returned home and continues to stay inside and safe, preaching her testimony of God’s love to others.

“I’m living proof of what God can do. This is my testimony. He took care of me. I count it as a miracle because too many people didn’t make it … My words for them [others] : fight, pray and keep the faith because God is there.”

McGregor spoke about how even though the virus left her lungs damaged she has no fear about recovery, “He can heal my wounds—He can even give me a new pair of lungs! He showed me what He can do. I’m a believer.”

Her sister spoke about her own relief and thankfulness to her faith, family and friends throughout these difficult times.

“The biggest support, first of all, was God and all of my friends and family praying. All of the medical team at Lake Charles Memorial systems—they were great. The doctor’s were great. They kept the family really informed on her condition on a day-by-day basis. They were an awesome team,” enthused Thymes.

Thymes explained that her sister had to go through extensive rehab and she “did that very well.”

“That was the vast recovery leading towards her…leaving,” said Thymes.

McGregor enthusiastically praised how much she appreciated the healthcare staff that cared for her and prayed for her throughout the process of recovering from the coronavirus.

Maxine McGregor entered Lake Charles Memorial in early March fighting COVID-19. She spent a lot of time in ICU on a ventilator and then once cured of COVID-19, moved to the rehab unit to regain her strength. She left the hospital on Friday cheered on by health care workers.

Special to the American Press


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