Breast Cancer Awareness

Real Men Wear Pink = Men Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects everyone. That’s why Real Men Wear Pink, a distinguished group of community leaders, is determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society’s mission to save more lives that ever from breast cancer.

Every dollar raised helps the American Cancer Society save lives through early detection and prevention, research and patient support. Thanks to the passion of our Real Men Wear Pink supporters on their mission to help end breast cancer.

We invite the community to help with our fundraising efforts by “Pitching in Pennies” or any spare change into the Blue Jug located in the foyer of the American Press office located at 4900 Hwy 90 East.

At the end of the fundraising period, we will hold a contest for the public to guess the amount of coins in the water jug and the amount raised. See our special section on Oct. 31st for more details.