5/20: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff announces arrest list

Published 11:11 am Monday, May 20, 2024

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

William Henry Heller IV, 36, 4709 Alamitos Circle, Moss Bluff — five counts direct contempt of court; theft from $1,000 but less than $5,000; hit-and-run driving; prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia.

Hasani Oba Williams, 44, 814 Paul Robertson Road, DeQuincy — simple criminal damage to property from $1,000 but less than $50,000; fire prevention interference. Bond: $8,500.

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Derrick Dewayne Celestine, 18, 4361 Gordon Woods Drive ­ — prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia; drug possession; illegal carrying of weapons during commission of  a crime or in presence of CDS; proper equipment required on vehicles. Bond: $10,600.

Duane Boyd Deruso, 32, 4810 Alister Court, Iowa, La. — cyberstalking-first offense.

Lakisha Dawn Pool, 37, 4816 Cypress Drive, Moss Bluff — prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia; drug possession resisting a police officer with force or violence.

Copeland TylerJoseph Borel, 27, 7319 Flounder Drive — domestic abuse aggravated assault.

Ava Nicole Ceasar, 17, 4900 U.S. 90 East — second-degree battery. Bond: $12,500.

Alvin Ray Baylor, 61, 3202 Warren St. — three counts drug possession; sale, distribution or possession of a legend drug without prescription or order; bicycle lamps and reflectors; prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia.

Ernest Lamount Nelson, 45, 919 Division St. — unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling; domestic abuse battery. Bond: $7,500.

Jordan Tyjai Perkins, 20, 402 Gaudet Drive, Vinton — second-degree battery. Bond: $25,000.

Karissa Dnae Ceasar, 19, 5532 Central Drive  — second-degree battery. Bond: $12,500.

James Thomas Goodwin Jr., 40, 2117 Commercial St. — theft from $1,000 but less than $5,000. Bond: $7,500.

Ernest Lee Watkins, 31, Humble, Texas — direct contempt of court; resisting an officer; domestic abuse battery; simple criminal damage to property less than $1,000. Bond: $7,000.

Dexter Demond White, 27, 906 Live Oak St. — direct contempt of court; domestic abuse battery; domestic abuse aggravated assault. Bond: $12,000.

Germaine James LaFleur, 43, 2413 Davis Court — domestic abuse battery, child endangerment.

Jamien Joseph Watkins, 25, 2027 Cline st. — direct contempt of court; drug possession; prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia. Bond $6,000.

Corey James Leday, 33, 3303 La. 3059 — domestic abuse battery, child endangerment; cruelty to juveniles.

Austin Scott Oquinn, 23, 5000 Leon Drive — domestic abuse battery; unauthorized entry of an inhabited welling.

Jamal Travell Donahue, 28, Baton Rouge — aggravated assault; simple criminal damage to property from $1,000 but less than $50,000.