Owner of ‘Joy Ride’ is transforming car bit by bit

Published 12:37 pm Thursday, April 4, 2024

The owner of the hand-painted Mercury sedan “art car,” which appeared in the Tuesday, April 2 edition of the American Press has come forward.

The colorful Mercury Marquis that was parked in a downtown parking lot belongs to Bella Sedlock, a 17-year-old Barbe High School senior. It’s a 2002 or 2003 model, she said.

“My dad, who lives in Austin, bought it at an art car show and gave it to me for my birthday last year,” she said.

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Of course being from an art car show, the car was already covered with hand painted images when she got it.

Bella’s dad bought it from a car artist at the art car show who had painted the vehicle as a tribute to her deceased mother.

“I was told she wanted it to look on the outside how her mother was on the inside,” said Bella.

The artist’s mother’s name was Joy, so that’s why the car has lettering on the front windshield that reads, “The Joy Ride.” The image of a woman’s face on the hood is an image of the artist’s mother.

Under it’s new owner, the art on the car is still evolving.

“My friends and I are repainting it bit by bit until it’s all our original art,” she said.

Bella and her friends are using acrylic paint and Mod Podge, an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish to paint the car.

“I’m going to have to be really careful when I wash it,” she said.

Bella has been trying to get in touch with the original artist to ask her about how she painted the car, but has not been able to get in touch with her yet.

Bella said the car attracts a good bit of
attention when she drives it to school.

“A lot of students ask me about it,” she said.

One thing that won’t change on the car is the image of Joy, the original artist’s mother, on the hood.

“I’m keeping that,” she said.