UPDATE: 115 Confederate soldiers buried in SW La.

Published 4:42 am Wednesday, March 27, 2024

How many graves of Confederate veterans are in Lake Charles? How many in Calcasieu Parish? Which cemetery has the most?

There are 2,945 Confederate soldiers buried in Louisiana and of those 115 are buried in Southwest Louisiana.

There are nine Confederate soldiers buried in Calcasieu Parish, according to la-cemeteries.com, which keeps a detailed listing of where Confederate soldiers are buried across the state. The website also includes a photo of each soldier’s headstone.

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The majority of Southwest Louisiana’s Confederate soldiers are buried in Beauregard Parish.

Here are the names of Southwest Louisiana’s Confederate soldiers and the cemeteries where their remains rest:

Allen — George Airhart, Creel Memorial Gardens; William Michael Baggett, LeBlanc Cemtery; I.S. Carradine, LeBlanc Cemetery; Jacob Cole, LeBlanc Cemetery; Honor Cryer, Cryer Cemetery; John Cryer, Cryer Cemetery; Nicholas R. Gassiot, Palesine Cemetery; Gooderum Davis Gillespie, Oakdale Cemetery; J.C. Goodman, Oakdale Cemetery; Matthew Vernon Hargrove, Oakdale Cemetery; Dewitt Clinton Hollingsworth, Lyles Cemetery; Giddeon Johnson, Oak Hill Cemetery; Leon Johnson, Caney Creek Cemetery; Hiram Clay Lyles, Oberlin Cemetery;  William M.W. Morrow, Blackjack Cemetery; Cicero Pitts, Lyles Cemetery; Solomon Reed, Reed Cemetery; Robert G. Reid, Hamilton Cemetery; John Paten Stanley, Turner Cemetery; W.A. Stovall, Oakdale Cemetery; J.T. Strother, Pine Chapel Cemetery; James N. Strother, Oakdale Cemetery; Abel Sudduth, Kinder-McRill Cemetery; Benton Thigpen, Oakdale Cemetery; Zachary Townson, Blackjack Cemetery; Archie Clark Redmon Turner, Turner Cemetery; Jeff E. Turner, Turner Cemetery; Christopher C. Whitley, Caney Creek Cemetery; Andre Young, Simmons Cemetery; Austin Houston Young, Palestine Cemetery; and Stephen F. Young, Hamilton Cemetery.

Beauregard — Napoleon Bonaparte Alston, Newlin Cemetery; Phillip M. Alston, Alston Cemetery; Soloman J. L. Andrews, Hopewell Cemetery; Thomas David Baggett, Old Campground Cemetery; William Boliver, Old DeRidder Cemetery; John W. Bowers, Pleasant Hill Cemetery; Thomas Madison Cain, Lewis Cemetery; Charles Benton Caraway, Sugartown Baptist Cemetery; John Harvey Clark, Clark Cemetery/Archie; William Alfred Cochran, Bivens Cemetery; Dawson A. Cole, Smyrna Cemetery; Valentine Davis Cole, Lewis Cemetery; William A. Cooley, Hagar Cemetery; George W. Corkran, Woodlawn Cemetery; Samuel N. Dorsett, Cooper Cemetery; Seaborn A. Eason, Pleasant Hill Cemetery; Jesse Bartlett Eaves, Cannon Cemetery; James Flurry, Magnolia Cemetery; Lewis A. Ford, Woodlawn Cemetery; James Nathaniel Foshee, Foshee Cemetery; Jesse Lester Gill, Smyrna Cemetery; James Marion Hanchey, Pleasant Hill; John W. Hanchey, Dry Creek Cemetery; John Flurry Havens, Woodlawn Cemetery; William Louis Havens, Havens Cemetery; Augustus Hodges, Magnolia Cemetery; John Hoosier, Hyatt Cemetery; Thomas A. Jackson, Hagar Cemetery; James Harvey Jackson, Hyatt Cemetery; James Thompson Kent, Dry Creek Cemetery; William Alexander Kent, Dry Creek Cemetery; Mark D. King, Meadows Cemetery; Andrew Jackson McClelland, Magnolia Cemetery; John J. McCollister, Woodlawn Cemetery; John Thomas McConathy, Magnolia Cemetery; John James Wilson Miller, Woodlawn Cemetery; Levi Asberry C. Miller, Dry Creek Cemetery; Ira Bird Mitchell, Meadows Cemetery; Francis Marion Moses, Smyrna Cemetery; Richard B. Parker, Magnolia Cemetery; Z.S. Patterson, buried in Hyatt Cemetery in Merryville; the Rev. Oliver Perkins, Perkins Cemetery; Hypolite Plaisance, Pleasant Hill Cemetery; James S. Roberts, Woodlawn Cemetery; Levi Royer, Alston Cemetery; Nathan Samuel Smart, Woodlawn Cemtery; Elias Smith, Cooper Cemetery; Benjamin N. Stracener, Smyrna Cole Cemetery; Wesley H.M. Taylor, Cannon Cemetery; W.M. Thompson, Cannon Cemetery; William Turner, Magnolia Cemetery; William Walker, Magnolia Cemetery; and M.H. West, Lewis Cemetery.

Calcasieu — Valmond Doiron, Verdine Cemetery; William M. Dunn, Nibbletts Bluff Cemetery; Henry Clay East, Orange Grove Cemetery; Edward Howe Green, Orange-Grove Cemetery; John Quincy Greenleaf, Perkins Chapel Cemetery; H.D. Nix, Orange Grove Cemetery; Frank Pleasant, Dutch Cove Cemetery; Lucien Jones, Magnolia Cemetery; and George H. Wells, Orange Grove Cemetery.

Jeff Davis — W.B. Evans, Greenwood Cemetery.

Vernon — Patrick H. Cavanaugh, Self Cemetery; Thomas F. Crawford, Laurel Hill Cemetery; R.E. Foster, Leesville (Feruson-Dennis) Cemetery; Jack Fletcher Frost, Leesville (Feruson-Dennis) Cemetery; Charles M. Ingalls Sr., Laurel Hill Baptist Cemetery; William Lott Martin, Beech Grove Cemetery; William Smith, Laurel Hill Cemetery; and Marion M. White, Laurel Hill Cemetery.

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