Old Sulphur Kroger store will be demolished

Published 2:24 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The building known as the old Sulphur Kroger store at the southwest corner of Napoleon Street and Beglis Parkway will be demolished. The decision was a long time in the making and the assessment “verbally conveyed by FEMA, Mayor Mike Danahay said. The hurricane damages from Laura and Delta in 2020 left the building irreparable. The city is awaiting written confirmation before it moves forward.

In 2019, the city purchased the building. Danahay said the asking price from the church that owned the property was $3.2 million. The city, after the required appraisal was conducted and completed, purchased it for $2.6 million. The premise, according to Danahay, was to renovate it to house municipal services, city court and auxiliary parish services – a one-stop shop.

“The city was in the very early process of assessing and developing renovation plans when southwest Louisiana was impacted by Hurricanes Laura and Delta, “ Danahay said. “The exterior appeared to have little damage but the vast majority of the roof had collapsed causing massive damage to the interior and compromising the structure.”

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The city made an insurance claim and payment was $1.55 million. The property was submitted to FEMA for assessment.

“The city will not move forward on demolition or rebuilding of any facilities until we have written confirmation to do so from FEMA,” he said. “Any cost of demolition or construction is typically on a 90 percent FEMA, 10 percent city ratio formula.”

Danahay said design stages for new offices are in their “infancy.” Plans are “fluid.” Once the municipal and city court buildings are completed and occupied, the current City Hall (101 N. Huntington) will be converted to the permanent north side fire station.