Louisiana wins national award for its ‘I Voted’ sticker

Published 9:03 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The United States Election Assistance Commission announced that Louisiana’s 2022 “I Voted” sticker design, New Orleanian Becky Fos’ “Louisiana State of Mind,” won its annual Clearinghouse Award for creative and original “I Voted” sticker design.

“I’m proud and excited that Louisiana’s ‘I Voted’ sticker design has once again won national recognition,” Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin said. “Louisiana voters are passionate about their ‘I Voted’ stickers, especially given how creative each of them have been. I wish to thank Becky Fos for her work and creativity in showcasing Louisiana’s beauty and uniqueness.”

Beck Fos’ design for the 2022 “I Voted” sticker is the second Louisiana sticker in a row to win the EAC’s Clearinghouse Award. Tony Bernard’s design, used in the 2019 elections, won previously.

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