‘The Untold Story of the Woodrow Karey Case’ starts Thursday on YouTube 

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, April 12, 2023

In 2013, Woodrow Karey walked into a local church and shot the pastor – twice – at close range with a shotgun. About 50 to 60 people were attending the revival at the Lake Charles church when it happened. Tried for manslaughter in 2018, the jury found him not guilty.

The true crime series, “A Force for Freedom, the Untold Story of the Woodrow Karey Case,” begins Thursday, April 13, at 6 p.m. on YouTube.

It’s the first of five episodes, an explain-all for the curious and the incredulous, a behind-the-scenes look at the circumstances that led to the shooting, and the work of Lake Charles attorneys Todd S. Clemons and Adam Johnson as they fought all the way to the Supreme Court to gain Karey’s freedom after a week-long trial in 2018.

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“There was no question, he killed him,” Clemons said. “The question was why.”

The documentary answers in detail how the victim was a threat to Woodrow, as well as his family. Live footage will be included from local and national news sources including CNN who reported on the case and the stunning verdict. Viewers will hear from attorneys. Episodes will also include interviews with family members, Karey and others involved.

“The law is very clear that you can use lethal force to protect yourself or another person from death or great bodily  harm,” Clemons said.

The odds certainly seemed stacked against Clemons and Johnson from the beginning.

“Initially, he was indicted for manslaughter,” explained  Johnson, “and that was the result of an agreement we made to provide the state with information that would help them get to a manslaughter indictment.” After Karey was indicted, the state, several months later, upped the charge to second-degree murder. It was quashed, but certainly added to the time that Karey was incarcerated.

This documentary does more than explain how and why the jury reached its verdict. It does more than provide a comprehensive and lasting record of a historical court case for the defense team and future generations.

The True Crime Series, A Force for Freedom, the Untold Story of the Woodrow Karey Case gives viewers a better understanding of the criminal justice system, which is why 63 percent of Americans watch similar series.

“You can trust our system; it’s the best system available and no system is perfect, but you know, 12 people usually get it right,” Clemons said.

Adam Johnson added a final reason. He knew the family and was asked to handle the case. “It’s time to show the public the kind of person Woodrow Karey is.” A new episode of the five-part series will be released every Thursday through May 11. The series is available only on YouTube: www.youtube.com/@TheWoodrowKareyCase.