Eddie Mormon exhibit opens tonight at Imperial Calcasieu Museum

Published 12:35 pm Friday, January 13, 2023

He’s back at it, and his works are as striking as ever. Today, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., is the opening reception for “Flora & Fauna of Louisiana” at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. The exhibit features 31 works by Lake Charles self-taught impressionist artist Eddie Mormon. The popular artist has been seemingly absent from the art scene during the pandemic and after the hurricanes.

“Painting is just like playing music, dancing or cooking – it comes from within,” Mormon said.

In this case, it comes from within someone who just happens to be colorblind.

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“I call on the spirit to guide me and the glory is all God’s,” Mormon said.

Mormon uses palette knives and oil paint layered-on canvas in a manner generally reserved for painters who use acrylics.

“It’s bold, it’s dimensional. I like that there is no hesitation in his palette strokes, the confidence. He knew what he was doing. Seeing this exhibit will be like walking through splashes of color with texture reminiscent of cake frosting,” said Ashley Royer, creative director for the museum.

“We don’t have that many oil painters these days. Most appreciate the convenience of acrylic and I love that he doesn’t. I love that Eddie uses oil paint in this way to create these floral, water life and landscape paintings. It’s like seeing Louisiana through Eddie’s eyes.”

Her favorite is the sunflowers. One of the paintings is St. Louis Cathedral. He also did the Sallier Oak and the LSU stadium, which Royer described as “certainly part of the spirit of our Southwest Louisiana culture.”

She said she doesn’t know the artist personally, but from the contact she’s had with Eddie, his art is a lot like him, fun, eclectic and uplifting.