Letter: A lesson in Constitutional law

Published 8:28 pm Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sydney Horn

Lake Charles

The government has become too large and powerful and that is exactly what the framers of the Constitution were afraid would happen. To prevent that from happening, the framers only gave certain  powers to the federal government. (They are called the enumerated powers (Article 1 Section 8) and the framers divided our government into three branches: The Legislative (they make laws), The Executive (they run the country) and the Judicial (they make sure all the laws follow the Constitution). However, the Supreme Court has allowed the government to do anything they want and the reason for that is the interpretation of  the Health and Welfare clause and the Commerce clause of the Constitution.

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If the Health and Welfare and Commerce clauses of the Constitution gave the government the power they claim,  why did the framers create Article 1 Section 8, naming the only those powers that were given to the federal government? The 10th Amendment gave all of the other powers not named in Article 1 Section 8, to the states. The Supreme Court was to make sure the federal government only exercised their enumerated powers. They have failed to do so.

My last question is why has the Supreme Court allowed presidents to sign executive orders? Those executory orders become law and they are not created by the Legislative branch. Only Congress can make laws. So why has every president except President William Henry Harrison signed executive orders? You can blame that on the Supreme Court along with allowing the government to grow too big and powerful.

If anyone ran a business like the federal government they would have to declare bankruptcy. No government or business can survive that owes more money than it receives. The dollar you saved in 1950 is worth about 10 cents today, and that is because the government is printing more money.

Maybe it is time for this country to have a new beginning.