Letter: Putin will eventually be held accountable

Published 4:21 pm Sunday, April 10, 2022

Russell Loren Brown


Well, folks, I’ve seen a lot of wars in my day. I’m 58 years old. When I was younger I couldn’t comprehend why America would send our men and women to fight and die in foreign wars. As I grew older, I had it explained it was so we could have plenty of allies for when The Big One came. Well, it’s here, The Big One, but it’s not the war to end all wars — not yet anyway.

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I never dreamed my generation would see a ware of this magnitude. This war was one that was unprovoked. The Russians are the aggressors. ladimir Putin thinks he’s God. He thinks that he will not be held accountable. Maybe not in this life, but he will be held accountable in the one to come when he stands before God.

This war has really ripped my heart into. I wept bitterly when I saw empty strollers in the city street representing the 109 children that have been killed. I’m sure the death toll in this war is higher that those killed by COVID-19 in one year. It really tore my inside when a Holocaust survivor who was 96 years old was killed. Imagine living through all of that and then having to witness the birth of another Holocaust being birthed.

I saw the dead stacked like cut wood being burned in mass graves. This practice has been done during Vietnam and Korea, as well as World War II and World War I. The United Nations was founded shortly after World War I under another name — the League of Nations. Its main objective was to keep peace between countries; however, the more they try the worse it gets. Strong, but true Scripture from the Bible is etched in stone at the United Nations. They shall beat their swords into plow sheers and study was nor more.

Disarmament is not going to detour crimes no more than it will ware while NATO stands for National Arms Treaty Organization. These guys go and find out who has weapons of mass destruction. Anyone who signs up with NATO must turn in their weapons of mass destruction, leaving them at the mercy of the countries that won’t join.

Russia is a very arrogant country. They flout their weapons out in the open, unlike the U.S. During the Regan administration there was the (big lie) Operation Star Wars spread to stop the cold war. It was believed to cause Russia to waste millions of dollars on clearing a way to put nukes into space and launch them from there. I know that it’s not even possible. The laws of physics proves this; however, I do believe that eventually all nations will gather together for the final battle — the one which, unlike all other wars, were both good as well as bad suffer.

Only the bad will be destroyed. The name of that battle is called Armageddon.