Letter to the Editor: SW La. has chance to build vision for future

Published 10:46 am Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Just Imagine SWLA is our opportunity to imagine what Calcasieu and Cameron parishes look like over the next 50 years. It is unlike anything we’ve seen put into action for our community and we are honored to be a part of the process. You’re invited to come see the 10 catalytic projects and share your ideas. We believe these visions will create a resilient and thriving Southwest Louisiana.

JUST IMAGINE … a diverse and strong economy that adapts to stresses and provides all residents and businesses with the opportunity to thrive. This is our chance to create a vibrant, ever-growing sustainable economy. Just Imagine SWLA will be the guide to diversifying the business sector and offering more amenities like restaurants, entertainment and shopping. This will help build a region that is attractive for business development as well as recruiting and retaining top talent. — Glenn Pumpelly

JUST IMAGINE … resilient housing in attractive neighborhoods that people can afford and access. Housing is the foundation of any community and should be a priority that impacts all aspects of our communities. This plan takes into account the challenges to our existing housing stock and establishes best practices for building resilient homes for all income levels, taking into account home ownership and rental demands while strengthening our neighborhoods to provide shelter options for all our residents. — Marshall Simien

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JUST IMAGINE … A region that fully celebrates and protects its unique natural and cultural resources. Southwest Louisiana is fortunate to have an abundance of natural and cultural resources that we can enjoy in a variety of ways. Across the globe, the trend for the past several years has centered around creating/sustaining green spaces and protecting the landscape of our communities. The Creole Nature Trail, for instance, has been nurtured for years and is a unique selling point to visitors, especially those from other countries. My husband and I are new parents living in Sulphur and plan to raise our family here. We are intrigued to see the enhancements in this plan to make our region an exciting place to live, work, and play. — Taylor Beard Stanley

JUST IMAGINE … reliable and resilient infrastructure that improves the quality of life and makes the region safer. The fabric that any vibrant community needs to attract and retain residents is a resilient infrastructure.  Any community has some basic needs including reliable electrical power, clean and reliable municipal water supply, available natural gas and reliable and affordable broadband service. In addition to those basic needs, we also require and deserve an upgrade to drainage and flood control infrastructure and improved connectivity with new roads, bridges and finally a new I-10 bridge and interstate corridor. — Jim Rock

JUST IMAGINE … collaborative community planning that focuses on implementing a better quality of life. Imagine using established and proven best practices of community and economic development that are designed to make the highest and best possible use of our collective resources. Imagine leaving Southwest Louisiana far better than we found it, for our children and grandchildren. — Clair Hebert Marceaux

For this initiative to succeed, it is imperative that we build upon a shared vision for the future, which is why we encourage every member of our community to take part in the Just Imagine SWLA master plan — each and every voice matters.

Please join us:

March 15 – 6-8 pm, Lake Charles Civic Center

 March 16 – 5-7 pm, Grand Lake High School

March 17 – 6-8 pm, West-Cal Event Center


For more information visit www.justimagineswla.org