SW La. school lunch menus Nov. 15-20

Published 6:16 pm Sunday, November 14, 2021

The following menus for Nov. 15-20 for area schools have been submitted by supervisors of food services. Menus are subject to change.



Monday: Barbecue rib burger on a bun, sweet potato French fries, lettuce/tomato cup, pineapple tidbits, apple, cinnamon sugar cookie.

Tuesday: Meatloaf or Shepard’s pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, whole-grain mini biscuit, applesauce, plums.

Wednesday: Red beans and sausage over rice, ham, cooked carrots, cornbread, pears, orange.

Thursday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, mixed peas and carrots, garden salad, whole-wheat bread stick, melon cup, banana.

Friday: Fair day-no school.


Monday: Grape or chocolate crescents, string cheese stick, apricots, banana.

Tuesday: Sausage, egg and cheese wrap or cheese toast, yogurt cup, pineapple tidbits, apple.

Wednesday: Breaded chicken biscuit or breakfast pizza, chocolate graham crackers, applesauce, plums.

Thursday: Scrambled eggs, cinnamon roll, pears, peaches.

Friday: Fair-no school.



Monday: Pizza, corn, relish tray with dip, mixed fruit.

Tuesday: Manager’s choice.

Wednesday: Baked turkey ham, cornbread dressing, broccoli, cheese and rice casserole, peaches, pie, roll.

Thursday: Manager’s choice.

Friday: Cheeseburger, sandwich salad cup, sweet potato fries, apple crisp.


Monday: Cereal, toast, mixed fruit.

Tuesday: Muffins, peaches.

Wednesday: Grilled cheese, pears.

Thursday: Biscuit, ham, sliced apples.

Friday: Scrambled eggs, toast, mixed fruit.



Monday: Calzones, marinara cups, tossed salad, chilled peaches.

Tuesday: Mandarin orange chicken, Asian noodles (spaghetti), peas and carrots, strawberry cups, fortune cookie.

Wednesday: Chili cheese dogs, French fries, pineapple tidbits.

Thursday: Turkey roast, rice dressing, seasoned green beans, sweet potatoes, peach crisp, honey wheat roll.

Friday: Beefy nachos, cheese sauce, applesauce cups.


Monday: Breakfast sausage biscuit, box of raisins.

Tuesday: Country breakfast, grits, scrambled eggs, buttered toast, diced pears.

Wednesday: Cinnamon roll, bananas.

Thursday: Pancake on a stick, orange wedges.

Friday: Breakfast pizza, Mandarin oranges.



Monday: Cheeseburger, curly fries, sandwich cup, corn on the cob, cinnamon apples.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, bread, dark green salad, candied sweet potatoes, fruit fluff.

Wednesday: Walking taco, tortilla chips, fixing cup, ranchero beans, baked pears.

Thursday: Roast and savory brown gravy, rice, cornbread bowl, black-eyed peas, calico fruit.

Friday: Popcorn chicken, cheese sticks, tater triangles, marinara sauce, triple berry yogurt.


Monday: Ham and cheese croissant, strawberry mango cup.

Tuesday: Donut holes, pineapple cup.

Wednesday: Country scramble burrito, tangerine.

Thursday: Cereal, mandarin orange cup.

Friday: Chocolate donut, mixed fruit cup.

Jeff Davis


Monday: Spaghetti, green salad, Texas toast, ranch packet, apple.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joe, baked beans, pickle, oranges.

Wednesday: Chicken fingers, corn, buttered carrots, roll, pineapple.

Thursday: Roast and gravy, rice dressing, green beans, yams, roll, Mandarin oranges.

Friday: Hot ham and cheese sandwich, crispy cubes, steamed broccoli, peaches.


Monday: SweetBoli, mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Big muffin, pineapple.

Wednesday: Waffle and sausage sandwich, mixed fruit.

Thursday: Bacon scramble, peaches.

Friday: Mini cinnamon roll, yogurt, pears.



Monday: Hamburger on a whole-wheat bun, French fries, ranch-style beans, orange wedges, salad bar.

Tuesday: Whole-green spaghetti and meat sauce, steam corn, taco salad cup, whole-wheat garlic bread, cantaloupe.

Wednesday: Sliced turkey, cornbread dressing, English peas, cranberry sauce and giblet gravy, sweet potato and apple crunch, fruit, whole-wheat roll.

Thursday: Cheesy beef taco tater tots, Mexicana corn, taco salad cup, fruit, raisin bread, salad bar.

Friday: Cheeseburger on a  whole-wheat bun, vegetable soup, fresh carrots, broccoli cup, apple wedges, salad.


Monday: French toast sticks, sausage patty, pear halves.

Tuesday: Whole-grain grits, sliced ham, fruit.

Wednesday: Assorted cereal, pineapple tidbits, cinnamon graham crackers.

Thursday: Apple cinnamon whole-grain muffin, apple wedges.

Friday: Pancake sausage on a stick, pear halves.