Liz Williams: Desire to help comes from ‘missional heart’

Published 5:30 am Monday, October 25, 2021

Liz Williams volunteers her time at Covenant Grace Academy, where her children attend school. She’s spent the last three years helping wherever needed whether it’s a classroom craft, a pizza party or an extra set of hands organizing and tidying the campus.

Understanding all of the hard work that teachers and faculty put in day to day, Williams said she feels it’s important to pitch in and help. “I feel like they (teachers) have enough responsibilities … most of them are moms themselves. When they’re home, I’d rather them be able to be a mom, wife or husband.”

Williams said the desire to help comes from the “missional heart” she’s always had. “That just comes natural to me,” she said.

“My parents were helping people but even when I got to college, I knew I wanted to have a career that I was able to help people.”

She originally intended to become a missionary, but life’s path did not head that way. Instead, she studied sociology and worked in social work.

“It (helping) is just part of my personality it seems,” she said.

While she doesn’t do it for the accolades, faculty and staff at the school are also extremely appreciative of her volunteerism, she said. “Personally, I think when people are willing to help you, make your job a little easier or take the load off, I hope it makes them feel a little appreciated also. That they’re not forgotten.”

Additionally, Williams said she hopes her example is noticed by her children who will in turn learn to do the same for others. “I always tell my kids that when they see a need, they need to assess what they can do and see if there’s anything they can do without being asked. I’d much rather do something on my own before someone has to ask for help.”