‘World’s most dangerous man’ to speak at Fort Polk

Published 9:59 pm Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pamela Sleezer

Community members from the surrounding Fort Polk areas are invited to a special event on Friday featuring UFC Hall of Fame fighter Ken Shamrock. 

Shamrock is expected to deliver a motivational message and testimony to active duty military members and civilian fans at noon on Friday at Fort Polk’s main post chapel.

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While space will be limited at the chapel due to COVID-19 restrictions, Fort Polk Chaplain Ryan Pearse told the American Press that the event is expected to be a great success.

“We could still see a crowd as large as several hundred, considering the amount of troops that will be present, and of course we are very excited to be able to welcome our civilian neighbors, as well. I believe it’s going to be a popular event,” Pearse said.

Social distancing will be expected at the event, and masks will be mandatory, according to officials.

The event will culminate the mixed martial artist and kickboxer’s visit to the military installation this week. Since his arrival, officials said Shamrock has been spending time getting to know the soldiers stationed there, especially those attached to the 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division.

“He has been given a special tour of the installation including the hangers where he got an up-close look at the Black Hawk helicopters, but you can easily see that he is very invested in meeting with our troops and connecting with them most of all,” Pearse said.

The most important aspect of Shamrock’s visit has been his attention to training within the military troops. According to Pearse, each morning of Shamrock’s visit, the fighter dubbed “the world’s most dangerous man” has observed the physical training of nearly 200 soldiers.

“Within those physical training sessions, he has taught the soldiers how to incorporate MMA techniques into their combatives training,” Pearse said.

Shamrock has made similar visits to military installations across the U.S. over the past nearly 20 years. In August 2020, he visited troops stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga.

Shamrock has been widely hailed as a pioneer, or “father” of the sport of mixed martial arts. Throughout his successful career, he headlined more than 15 main and co-main UFC events, and later made a name for himself in the WWE where he popularized the ankle lock submission hold.

Before his public engagement Friday, Shamrock will be given the privilege of observing air assault graduation ceremonies on Fort Polk.As one of a few trainers allowed to teach U.S. military troops self-defense, currently serves as a subject matter expert in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and is regularly asked to train Army troops, as well.

Special to the American Press