La. businesses key to industry success

Published 7:40 am Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A new advocacy group for the oil and gas industry is seeking to get the word out about industry doing business with Louisiana-based businesses.

Marc Ehrhardt, executive director for the New Orleans-based Grow Louisiana Coalition, told the American Press on Tuesday that a key to industry’s long-term success in Louisiana is to make sure the state’s small businesses are part of their growth.

“The oil and gas industry can’t do what it does in Louisiana without Louisiana companies and Louisiana people making it go,” said Ehrhardt, who co-founded the Grow Louisiana Coalition.

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“Our number one focus is to make sure our small businesses and the Louisiana-based companies are working in conjunction with the companies that are investing here. Then we will use our knowledge to help those companies expand in Louisiana. We are 100 percent in favor of Louisiana folks being hired for these jobs.”

Launched in January, the Grow Louisiana Coalition is a 3,000-member organization that promotes Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. Among the group’s aims is to highlight the importance and impact industry has on the lives and livelihoods of the state’s estimated 300,000 people who work in and subcontract with industry.

“A common question we get asked is, ‘Doesn’t everybody in Louisiana know that the oil and gas industry is important to the state?’ ” Ehrhardt said. “The answer is, ‘Not necessarily.’ ”

For more of this interview with Marc Ehrhardt turn to the Sunday Talk section in the Sunday, Aug. 17, edition of the American Press.(MGNonline)