Lawmaker wants term limits for statewide officials

Published 8:47 am Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BATON ROUGE (AP) — An Iberia Parish lawmaker again is seeking to put term limits on all statewide elected officials, after voters overwhelmingly supported such limits for school boards.

Republican Rep. Simone Champagne has filed the proposal to limit statewide elected officials to three consecutive four-year terms. Lawmakers will consider the measure in the legislative session that begins in April.

Champagne has proposed the idea in past sessions, but it failed to win enough support for passage. Because it is a constitutional change, it needs two-thirds support from lawmakers and voter approval.

Champagne’s bill would apply to the lieutenant governor, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, insurance commissioner, secretary of state and treasurer. Louisiana’s governor is limited to two consecutive terms.

In November, voters around the state agreed to place term limits on local school boards.””

Rep. Simone Champagne