Westlake officials want golf course clubhouse built

Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WESTLAKE — Things got testy Monday as Westlake City Council members Wally Anderson, Bob Hardey and John Cradure pressed Mayor Dan Cupit on the status of a proposed clubhouse for the city’s municipal golf course.

“We just feel like they’re dragging their feet and we want to head forward, and three out of the five us say, ‘We’re tired of the two years, we want to do something,’ ” Hardey said after the council’s monthly meeting. “Either do it or don’t do it. That’s how I was on (building) the course.”

Currently, a mobile home serves as the clubhouse of The National.

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The issue was listed as an update on the City Council agenda.

“Mayor, you have to understand, I’m going on two months of trying to get it on the agenda to do what we’re doing right now,” Cradure said.

“That’s not what we’re talking about,” Cupit responded.

“What we’re talking about is: What are you waiting on?” Cradure said.

Cupit said the project is waiting on approval of the state Facility Planning and Control.

Cupit said Facility Planning and Control project manager Lyle Savant last Thursday made some “suggestions-slash-criticisms” of the clubhouse, which have yet to be implemented into its plans.

Facility Planning and Control has agreed to pay out $1.6 million to help fund the project, Cupit said.

Councilwoman Lori Peterson said the original bids for the project averaged $3.3 million. City architect Barry King submitted a new projection of $2.9 million at the meeting.

The debate not only centered around the speed of the project, but just how much clubhouse The National needs — whether it should have one or two floors.

“We don’t need a one-story building. We don’t need to spend the money to have somebody design a one-story building,” Anderson said.

“If we’re going to bid it again, and I’ve heard, well, we’re going to build it one-story, well that isn’t what we want,” Hardey said.

After some back-and-forth banter, Cupit told the board members they could put the issue up for new bids then and there.

“You want to bid it tonight, let’s bid it tonight,” the mayor said.

The measure passed 3-2, with Anderson, Hardey and Cradure voting for and Peterson and Dan Racca voting against.

Cupit said there was “no doubt” in his mind that Savant would not approve the re-bid without his suggested changes being considered.

“He’s going to say, ‘look, if you want your $1.6 million and your plans approved, then you’ve got to do some of the things I’m asking you to do,'” Cupit said.

The tension continued when Hardey asked that monthly budget reports be presented to the board after each regular meeting.

“You always come up with opinions, so I went ahead and pulled the opinion of an attorney general and it says that we should have a copy,” Hardey told the mayor.

He continued while holding up an old budget report, “This is what we got for four to five years of everything budget-wise in the city, and I’m asking for it again.”

Westlake Director of Finance Jimmy Ashworth said it would be difficult to get complete budgets to the board by the monthly meetings because numbers from The National come in just a few days before the meetings, which are on the third Monday of each month.

The mayor said his office would meet the request.

“He just wants it in writing, and that’s what we’re going to do,” Cupit said after the meeting.