Barefoot in Lafayette

Published 4:39 pm Friday, June 10, 2011

If you’re in the oak-trimmed city of Lafayette this Saturday, June 11th, you’ll want to stop at the Acadiana Center for the Arts, 101 W. Vermilion St. between 6-8 PM and walk barefoot amongst the painting assemblages of Paul Schexnayder. Trust me. You’ll feel perfectly welcome with no shoes on. The first 50 people who show up barefoot get a one-of-a-kind

Barefoot Life

magnet and get to enjoy “a glimpse into a story.”

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You’ll want to print out this PDF file to take with you:

2nd Saturday Art Walk

Paul Schexnayder paints outside the barefoot realm. If you like modern art form, you’ll see stories, dreams, and fortune tellings in his colorful brushings. He calls them “Story Line Assemblages”. You can see some of his gallery here:

Paul Schexnayder’s Painting Gallery

and here:

Prints Gallery

. I especially like “The Blessed Child”, “Loving Arms”, and “Twirl”. The art that reminds me of my own childhood are “All Roads Lead to Gumbo”, “Bourree Game”, “First You Make a Roux”, “Mamou Mardi Gras” and “Watermelon for Sale”.

How sweet and colorful it is to live in Louisiana. C’est bon!

Paul is a narrative artist who “can take your story and interpret it visually.” He paints “birthday, reunion, wedding, anniversary, the story of your life, or a portrait of your house” and does it in living color. He even does businesses assemblages. And he does the story of Louisiana and the Cajuns vibratantly…with passion.

As an artist, he states that: “…each painting has a rhythm and a charged movement…”

But his Barefoot Life portraits are definitely one-of-a-kind. They are my fav. I’m not sure what the attraction is to these barefoot,

bald-headed, faceless paintings

. They are simple. They are different. They are unique. They are whimsical. And they portray Cajun people doing simple everyday going-ons. They portray the Cajun walk of life with “…rhythm and a charged movement…” I think that’s what I love about them!

Just as

George Rodrigue’s

famous Cajuns float on air as a reminder that their spirit is alive and well in the bayous of Louisiana,

Paul’s Barefoot Life

Cajuns walk through daily life with the free-spirit that only Cajuns possess. Indeed, the Cajun spirit is alive and well. Paul Schexnayder has definitely made his toe print in the landscape of Louisiana artwork.

And while I have you in Lafayette this weekend, let me guide you to

Chere’ Dastugue Coen’s

booksigning of her new book

“Exploring Cajun Country”

at Barnes & Noble (5707 Johnston St.) on Sat., June 11th, between 2-4 PM.

And…wait!…before you leave Lafayette, you’ll want to visit Vermilionville for the

Creole Culture Day

on Sunday, June 12th, from 10 am-5 pm. Lots of good food, good music, charm, and the simple nostalgia of getting to stroll through a part of old Acadia where our Cajun spirit is alive and well.

Enjoy your weekend and let me know where your barefeet take you.Paul Schexnayder