An Italian Beignet?

Published 4:33 pm Saturday, June 4, 2011

It was ironically pleasant. Yesterday was National Doughnut Day and we didn’t know it. But we ate doughnuts anyway.

Not Cajun doughnuts. Not English doughnuts. But Italian doughnuts to be exact.

At Olive Garden.

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I’m tempted to say these biscuit-like confections are better than Louisiana beignets, but that would be traitorous. However, this yummy doughnut glittered with a sugar coating and dipped in chocolate makes me question why Cajuns eat their doughnuts beignets void of the chocolate.  It’s gotta be the chocolate that makes it shine. Gotta be.

Italian Zeppolis are smaller in size than Louisiana Beignets. The sugar is evenly coated, not just sifted on top. The zeppolis are thicker in texture next to the lighter, airier beignets. The little measure of chocolate on the side of the plate makes one’s tongue curl in pleasure. Again, it must be the chocolate.

Just as we were all passing a plate of Zeppolis around the table at Olive Garden,

Louisiana Travel


“Just in case you haven’t heard this yet today: It’s National Doughnut Day! And in 1986, the beignet was named the official state doughnut of Louisiana. How can you not love a state with an official doughnut?

Indeed! How do you not?  The knowledge that it was National Doughnut Day made the plate of Zeppolis that much nicer. And you gotta love the Italians who brought such impassioned sweets to the shores of Louisiana. God love ’em!

So my oldest daughter is making a trek to New Orleans today where they will stop at Cafe du Monde’s on the morn to dip beignets and cafe au lait in true Louisiana goodness while

Louisiana Travel

tempts us even more with this:

“For all those craving beignets after yesterday’s post, here’s a super simple recipe for biscuit beignets from Southern Living. (We’ve made them and gotten rave reviews. No need to confess how easy they are!) Of course, a plate full with a mug of chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde is always best!”

So as not to leave you bereaved, here is that easy, speedy biscuit beignets for all who can’t make the trip to Italy or New Orleans this weekend. Shower the sugar and drizzle the chocolate. It blends the best of both worlds.””biscuit-beignets