Sulphur updating two main intersections to improve traffic flow

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

SULPHUR — The city will soon advertise for bids to update signals at two main intersections as part of a long-term plan to

improve traffic flow, according to the public works director.

The City Council unanimously approved the authorization for the city to begin advertising for bids Feb. 21 to change signals

at the intersections of Huntington and Cypress streets and Darbonne and Ruth streets.

John Bruce said the changes will include a left-turn signal at Huntington and Cypress streets intersection and motion detectors

at both intersections.

“The motion directors are going to be

used rather than sensors in the pavement because it’s more reliable,

requires less maintenance,

and they perform better,” he said.

Bruce said the new signals will also have the ability to be synchronized with others throughout the city, but that won’t be

done in this phase.

“Once the citywide plan to update all

of the signals is complete the signals at intersections will be

synchronized so travel

will be smoother through main intersections,” he said. “It won’t

be implemented in this contract, but these signals will be

compatible to do so.”

The new signals at Ruth and Darbonne streets will also benefit the Southside Fire Department, allowing for a quicker response

time by giving firefighters the ability to pre-empt the signal, Bruce said.

Construction is estimated to begin

about 75 days after the bid is awarded on March 11 and is expected to be

complete by mid-September.

Bruce said construction will have little effect on traffic because most work will be done outside of travel lanes and at most

one lane of traffic will be closed for overhead work to be completed.

The project is estimated to cost $312,507, Bruce said, with $109,686 in funding assistance through the Calcasieu Parish Trust

Fund and $54,843 through a cooperative endeavor agreement with Sulphur Parks and Recreation.