Spook House sets stage for Halloween

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Dressed up like Friday the 13th’s Jason, Nine-year-old Brandon Smith, of Lake Charles, braved the haunted house like a pro,

saying that the only part he disliked were the loud shrills from the other children.

“I didn’t like the screaming part in my ear,” Smith said.

This was his second time to attend Central School’s 3rd annual Spook House, which he attended Sunday with his parents.

“I saw a lot of zombies, clowns and movie themes,” he said.

Lines wrapped around the school for

more than an hour and organizers expected more than 2,000 people were in

attendance. Children

navigated through the third floor, which took more than a week to

decorate. The haunted house featured other spooky characters

such as mad scientists and witches and a Wizard of Oz-themed

yellow brick road.

Linda Francois, of Lake Charles, went through the haunted house with her grandchildren.

“They wanted to come out and enjoy the

haunted house, and I wanted to spend time with them,” Francois said. “It

was very fearful.

They were pretty scared, but I was there to support them. They

were grabbing on to me and holding me around my waist.”

Her grandson, Eight-year-old Zane Meche said his favorite part was when he got out of the haunted house.

Laura Leach, chairman of Friends of Central School, said the Spook House helps people aware of the Central School Arts and

Humanities Center, which opened its doors Sunday free of charge to the public.

“When we were children, Halloween was

celebrated here. My father, who was active in the Little Theater told

ghost stories,”

she said. “We kept hearing that the top floor is haunted, so about

three years ago we decided to try the haunted house. It’s

been very successful.”