Sasol to use low-flying helicopter to map area

By Special to the American Press

Sasol North America will work with a third-party expert in the field of mapping to gather aerial topographic imagery in the

area this week, the company announced Monday.

Nancy Tower, Sasol spokeswoman, said a low-flying helicopter will be used to gather these images between the hours of 8:30

a.m. and 5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

“The flight area will include the

existing Sasol facility, adjacent to the city of Westlake, as well as

property to the west

of the plant,” Tower said in a news release. “The topographical

data will provide information about the contour of the land,

natural and artificial features and elevations to be used for

project planning.”

This is part of Sasol’s Front End Engineering Design process, which is currently underway for the Chemicals Projects and Gas

To Liquids Facility.