Scooter’s Postcard: Traffic, what traffic?

By By Scooter Hobbs / American Press

I guess every city thinks it has the most unpredictable weather, most corrupt politicians and the worst traffic snarls.

But I had to laugh when the local newspaper here, in its CWS special preview section, warned visitors about the “horrors” of getting around the city.

They don’t know traffic here. It’s a big city, but I’ve never seen a place where traffic moves as smoothly and politely. Even when there’s road construction involved, it doesn’t cause a big bottleneck. They just drive around it without a thought.

So Sunday, I get to the press box, already running late, and realize I left my cell phone back at the hotel, a couple of miles from the stadium. Even with pregame traffic and good hike to the parking lot, I was in, out and back in about 15 minutes.