Offshore response team forming

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Houston-based Marine Well Containment Co. announced Tuesday it will collaborate with Wood Group PSN to put together an offshore

reserve response team of about 100 workers from south Louisiana to work on the company’s vessels in the event of a spill.

Last March, officials with MWCC, based

in Houston, said a Lake Charles company, Dynamic Industries, was chosen

to build and

deliver components for a system that will react to underwater well

incidents, such as BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010.

MWCC and U.K.-based Wood Group PSN will hire and train the team to operate and maintain equipment onboard a vessel during

a response.

A MWCC spokeswoman said Tuesday that Wood Group PSN will pick the team, which will be primarily based in locations

across Southwest Louisiana.

“While I don’t have specifics, I believe they expect to have about 70 percent of the group come from (Southwest Louisiana),” the spokesperson said.

An official with Dynamic Industries

said last year that if there is a well blowout, the workers will place

the capping stack

over the wellhead and connected to that well cap there will be a

riser cap coming up the marine capture vessel, and the product

will be processed and shuttled to shore.

“This latest initiative underlines the

ongoing advancements in safer deepwater exploration, and we are proud to

be working

with MWCC to develop a team of experienced oilfield operations

personnel capable of responding to a potential deepwater well

control incident in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico,” Derek Blackwood,

Wood Group PSN Americas president, said in a prepared statement.

“We will be responsible for identifying and selecting the response team, delivering ongoing training, and mobilizing the team

as and when required.”

MWCC, a nonprofit, independent company was formed by ConocoPhillips, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell in 2010.

The system will be able to cap and flow wells in up to 10,000 feet of water and can contain up to 100,000 barrels of liquid

per day.