McNeese parking garage to open in March

By By Jordan Gribble / Special to the American Press

The parking garage being constructed on the campus of McNeese State University is on schedule for its March opening, despite

losing several workdays to rain.

The garage’s exterior, which is composed of pre-built modular components, is expected to be completed in a few weeks, with

the garage’s interior components to follow.

“We are looking at a March completion

for the parking garage. The exterior work should be completed in a few

weeks then they

have to run the electrical lines and install storm drainage,”

McNeese spokeswoman, Candace Townsend said. “Once the exterior

is complete and the electrical system is installed then they will

work on the lighting, security systems, counting system,

railings, elevators and signage.”

The garage’s construction will include

two elevators, and slightly elevated crosswalks from the garage

stretching to the opposite

side of the road near the university’s recreational complex

according to ADA guidelines.

Security for the complex will include

high-grade, high-resolution security cameras covering all vehicular and

pedestrian entrances,

stairwells and parking areas, as well as emergency call stations

on each level and a speaker system to broadcast campus emergency


“The garage will be patrolled by McNeese police and the security cameras can be checked periodically directly from McNeese

police,” Townsend said.

The structure will initially accommodate 880 vehicles on three levels, with an option of installing a fourth level, and will

have five vehicular exits, none of which will exit directly onto Common Street.

“The university’s engineers and traffic specialist contracted for the design are currently performing further review of traffic

patterns to hopefully help avoid traffic congestion on the surrounding streets,” Townsend said.

Easing the impact of traffic congestion in the area even further will be the digital counter at the mouth of the garage that

will keep students from having to guess whether or not parking spaces are available.

“There will also be a vehicle counting

system that will keep track of how many vehicles enter and leave the

garage. It will

electronically display the available spaces on each level to

reduce the amount of unnecessary ‘trolling’ for empty spots.

There will be signage near the Common Street entrances that will

indicate whether the garage is full or open,” Townsend said.