Local gyms prepared for influx of new customers

By By Jordan Gribble / Special to the American Press

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise always seems to be one of the most popular New Year’s

resolutions. lists.

But good intentions only go so far. So just as many people flock to their local gyms right after the New Year’s holiday, by

March, most have not stuck to their resolutions.

Anna Theriot, manager of Anytime

Fitness (it has locations in Lake Charles, Moss Bluff and Sulphur) said

employees at Anytime’s

facilities are used to seeing an influx of new customers in the

first few weeks of the year — followed by a steady decline.

“Business always picks up around the

second week of January. Right now, everyone’s still recovering from the

New Year but

by next week, we’ll have a splurge of new people. They’ll show up

for six to eight weeks and then we won’t see them again

for a year probably. We want them to keep coming back, to stay on

the workout wagon and we do our best to keep them motivated

and excited about a lifestyle change, but sometimes they fall

through the cracks,” Theriot said.

GiGi Kaufman, owner of GiGi’s and GiGi’s Downtown, said she was surprised to see how many residents came to the gym during

2012’s resolution rush and then stuck around for the remainder of the year.

“You always see a rush of new people

during this time of year, and I’ve been in this business for 35 years; I

know how it

works. Interestingly enough what I’ve found this year that there

were more people who actually stuck with a routine gym schedule.

Because of the rising costs of healthcare and prevention, they now

know they have to take care of themselves,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman said her gym will soon to begin to cater further to its members — new and old — with revised opening hours and new


“We’re adding more hours at our

downtown location and adding new equipment strategically as needed. We

try to stay away from

diet and exercise fads and gimmicks though. I like to stick with

the basics of what I know is going to last, there’s always

something new out there but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be

beneficial for our clients. You have to stick to the basics

and educate yourself on the facts to see lasting results, it’s a

lifestyle,” Kaufman said.

For those looking to stick with their resolutions, Theriot said there are a few tips to help everyone be able to stick to

their goals and eventually be successful.

“Set a realistic goal for yourself.

Don’t tell yourself you’ll workout every day as you’ll just be setting

yourself up for

failure. Get yourself a workout partner, someone to hold you

accountable. You also shouldn’t try to jump into something too

strenuous too soon; start out slow and work your way up. Anything

is better than nothing. Most of all, don’t get frustrated.

Ask questions; we’re here to help you achieve your goals, not just

to take your money,” Theriot said.