LifeShare reports local blood supply critically low

By Special to the American Press

LifeShare Blood Centers reports the local blood supply is critically low on all blood types and asks that all eligible donors

give as soon as possible, especially those with types O and B.

“With the wet and cold weather and the onset of cold and flu season, we are seeing an increase in blood usage and an extreme

decrease in the number of donors coming in to give blood,” Kristi Morris, LifeShare spokeswoman, said in a news release.

“Currently, there is less than a two-day supply available of type O-negative.”

It takes at least 24 hours before

donated blood is available for use, Morris said. Potential donors must

be age 16 or older,

meet height and weight requirements, feel well and healthy at the

time of donation, eat a good meal and increase fluid intake

before donation.

Also, 16-year-olds must present written parent or guardian permission to donate. Donors will be asked to present identification,

Morris said.

For more information, visit or call 436-4932.