Lake Charles Memorial Hospital to feature Rodrigue Paintings

By By Alex Onken / American Press

Feeling blue?


Charles Memorial Hospital will open its new David B. Usher Memorial

Reading Room, featuring the paintings of George Rodrigue

sometime in December. Three paintings are now being exhibited in

the hospital’s main atrium.

“We have this program through our foundation called Arts for Healing that we work with hospitals across the country where

my dad will paint a piece that will then be displayed in the hospital,” said Jacques Rodrigue, the artist’s son.

George Rodrigue paints his iconic “Blue Dog” image on a reflective surface for healing reasons.


idea with the reflective material is that patients in the hospital and

the kids there can walk up to it and see their

own reflection in it. It creates a dialogue between them and the

paintings,” Jacques Rodrigue said. “It helps with the healing


The paintings were funded by a number of donors. The paintings will be donated later to the hospital.

The reading room, dedicated to the memory of David B. Usher, one of the vice presidents of the hospital, will be on the second

floor and is open to the atrium.

“It actually serves a couple of purposes,” said Leif Pederson, vice president of philanthropy at the hospital. “It’s using

a space that was never thought about being used. Quite often a number of our patients have to wait a number of hours when

having an operation, and this gives them an alternative to give them a place to go and relax and be comfortable.”

Hardcover books will be donated for the room, and visitors will have access to Wi-Fi.

The room is designed for ages 14 and up.

“We’re very happy that Lake Charles Memorial Hospital has been including art in their foundation,” Rodrigue said.

“Adding art to the hospital’s walls has been a part of their mission for many years, and we’re just so happy to be a part

of its latest project.”

The exact date of the dedication has not been set, but it’s planned for next month.