GO Group updates plans for upcoming industrial projects

By By John Guidroz / American Press

The Southwest Louisiana Task Force for

Growth and Opportunity, or GO Group, met today to discuss planning for the


industrial projects in the region and the need for increased

housing, public safety, transportation and workforce development.

The group formed after Sasol announced last year plans to spend up to $7 billion on a chemical plant and up to $14 billion

on a gas-to-liquids plant at its Westlake facility.

The group includes 10 sub-committees that focus on issues like housing

workers, providing adequate transportation and ensuring public safety.

Housing facility

Sammy Pate, project manager for Greenfield Logistical Solutions of Louisiana, LLC, spoke about plans to build a facility on

Port of Lake Charles property that will house up to 4,000 construction workers. The estimated $70 million facility will be

located on 200 acres off La. 397.

Pate said people will live there for up to three years and that the structures will have at least a 20-year life span. He

said the facility will have a medical clinic, 24-hour security, cafeterias, on-site banking, laundry service, recreational

facilities, parking and buses to transport workers to and from the site.

Pate said the site will be built in phases, based on demand. Those living at the site will be issued access cards to

get in and out of the facility.

Luvertha August with the Lake Charles City Council said she has received calls from residents about making sure security and

safety is a top priority.

Pate said that Greenfield officials

have met with local law enforcement to make sure the community and

surrounding neighborhoods

are safe. He said police will have a full-scale map of the

facility so they can easily navigate the area during emergencies.

Sasol update

Michael Hayes, public affairs manager

at Sasol’s office of new business development, said the major work going

on right now

is putting a business team in place. He said Sasol is also moving

forward on selecting technology suppliers for the chemical

plant projects.

“We’re working through who can design these things for us,” he said. “We’re doing a bit of design work to figure out where

the facilities sit exactly. But, to that end, we have some permit applications we’ve submitted.”


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