Fighting bald eagles crash land on airport runway

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Two bald eagles locked together by their talons in a midair battle survived a crash landing onto a runway

at a northeastern Minnesota airport.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Randy Hanzal said the adult eagles couldn't separate Sunday

before slamming into the tarmac at the Duluth International Airport.

Hanzal tried to take the birds to a Duluth wildlife rehabilitation center. He covered them with blankets and jackets on the

back of his pickup and held them down with webbing straps. En route, Hanzal said, he heard a ruckus and saw one bird jump

out and fly away.

The Duluth News Tribune said the other eagle made it to the rehab center and is now being cared for

by the University of Minnesota in St. Paul's Raptor Center.