‘Fancy carport’ for Vinton Police Department

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

The town of Vinton is in the midst of constructing a “fancy carport” to protect its “investments,” Mayor Kenny Stinson said.

The $125,000 carport is being built on the east side of the Vinton Police Department with funding from the department’s budget.

“It is going to match the existing

building with the same lines and same kind of roofing material,” Stinson

said. “It will

have lighting and electrical outlets under it so that officers can

vacuum their units or do anything they may need to do that

they would need an electrical outlet for.”

The carport will have spaces for five units, Stinson said.

The department has six vehicles, which includes the police chief’s car.

Stinson said the station has been in need of a carport for “a really long time,” and all units will be able to use the space

because at least one is always out on patrol.

“We needed to do this because police

units cost quite a bit of money and they are sitting out in the

elements. We need something

to protect our investments,” he said. “On a couple of our units we

have had trouble with the radars because the plastic casing

has actually melted because it gets so hot.”

Stinson said the goal with the carport is not only to protect the town’s police vehicles but to construct something that “looks

nice and is aesthetically appealing.”

He said the construction of the carport will also help keep water from getting into the building when it rains.

Construction began a few weeks ago, Stinson said. With delays from weather, it’s expected to be completed within the next

60 days.