Dumping at Houssiere Park may result in restricted access

By By Doris Maricle / American Press

JENNINGS — Illegal trash dumping may prompt the Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury to limit public access to Houssiere Park on

Bayou Nezpique, just east of Jennings.

Police Jury President Donald Woods said Wednesday that problems with illegal dumping appear to be escalating.

“It’s getting worse than it used to be,” he said. “They are dumping roofing, wood, bricks, cinder blocks ... anything they

can’t get rid of.”

People are also tearing up the park’s grounds with their four-wheel-drive vehicles, and trees in the park have been vandalized,

he said.

Woods urged fishermen and others who use the park to report any problems to the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Jury.

“We need help from people who see somebody doing it,” Woods said. “We can’t stay out there all day. We need citizens to help

patrol it.”

If the problems continue, the Police Jury may have to look at limiting access by installing a locked gate in between the two

boat launches, he said.

“It’s a nice place and we all want to keep it open, but we need help and sportsmen to let us know who is dumping,” Police

Juror Steve Eastman said.

During an agenda meeting Wednesday, resident Danny Rutledge urged the panel to keep the park open and agreed to work with

the Police Jury to find a solution. He recommended installing security cameras.

Houssiere Park holds fond memories for him, Rutledge said. “I’m 67 and my dad took me there and I took my son, and we still

go, and he takes his daughter,” Rutledge said. “I love that bayou, and I don’t see trash.”

He said he has seen crawfish dumped and a hurricane fence in the past, but not enough trash to warrant closing the park.

Resident Bobby White asked the Police Jury to find other solutions to help keep the park open.

“I don’t mind trying to do anything to keep it open,” White said.

Woods agreed to meet with Rutledge and other concerned residents before any final decision is made on limiting access to the