Chennault may seek legal action against Aeroframe for rent, utilities

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Chennault International Airport Authority may seek legal action against Aeroframe Services for overdue rent and utilities

of up to $180,000, an airport official said Tuesday.

Aeroframe is a former tenant of Chennault, and as the landlord, Chennault is owed $20,000-$30,000 per month for the last six

months, said Randy Robb, executive director of Chennault.

In addition to rent, Chennault charges 1.5 percent of revenue that Aeroframe earns over their baseline figure. Aeroframe could

owe Chennault $120,000-$180,000.

Bob Kleinschmidt, legal counsel for Chennault, said a lot of variables are “up in the air” at this point.

“Chennault is as much of a victim as the employees. Aeroframe owes a lot of money to a lot of people,” he said. “Aeroframe

is way behind on bills for other vendors as well.”

The Chennault board will enter into executive session today to discuss a strategy. Kleinschmidt said the board will want to

“make an effort to protect Chennault’s assets.”

If the board decides in the closed meeting to take legal action, it will make an announcement for the record after the executive


Kleinschmidt said litigation against Aeroframe will depend on whether the company files for bankruptcy, which he said “would

probably be their best route.”

Last week, Aeroframe’s lease with Chennault International Airport was terminated and turned over to Illinois-based AAR Corp.

— a new partnership that will reportedly create 500 jobs.

As of Tuesday, former Aeroframe employees have yet to be compensated for their work after being notified last Friday that

Aeroframe was ceasing operations.

Employees have said they are owed up to two weeks’ pay by the company.

Phone calls and emails from the American Press to Roger Porter, former CEO of Aeroframe, were not returned.