Annual Trash Bash set for Saturday

By Special to the American Press

Residents can dispose of everything from antifreeze to old paint during Residential Trash Bash 8-11 a.m. Saturday, April 20,

at Chennault International Airport.

The event, sponsored by the city of Lake Charles and Team Green of Southwest Louisiana, is a good time for residents to do

some spring cleaning.

“Residential Trash Bash is a great opportunity for residents to ... properly dispose of unwanted items and in the process

contribute to the cleanliness and beauty of our community,” said Mayor Randy Roach.

Accepted items: antifreeze, car batteries; clothing; sofas; plug-in devices; computer and CRT monitors; mercury; old chemistry

sets; fluorescent bulbs; alkaline batteries purchased before 1990; thermometers; motor oil; paint; scrap metal; and tires

(only five per residents, and they must weigh under 400 pounds each).

Unacceptable items: ammunition;

explosives; asbestos materials; boats; compressed gas cylinders with

valves; freon items;

household hazardous waste; lawn mowers; medical waste/infectious

materials; medications; nickel-cadmium and lithium batteries;

PCB ballasts; propane tanks; radioactive devices; fire/smoke

detectors; aerosol paint cans; varnish and stain paint cans;

and 55-gallon drums.

Load items in your vehicle in the following order (from first to last): scrap metal; trash; electronics; tires; auto batteries;

oil and antifreeze; reusable items; confidential papers (shredding); mercury; and paint.

For more information, call 491-1481.

2013 Trash Bash Map