Cajun Navy ‘in desperate need’ of donations

Lake Charles group bringing supplies to hard-hit Panama City

The Cajun Navy said it’s “in desperate need” of donations as it continues making turnaround trips to Panama City, Fla., to help with Hurricane Michael relief efforts.

“I started crying my first trip there,” said Linda Carter-Fonda, financial officer of Cajun Navy Lake Charles. “This is worse than (Hurricane) Audrey was.”

She said the group made its first turnaround trip Saturday, returned Sunday and will be heading back this week.

“There’s no electricity, no water and there is very little cell phone service there,” she said.

Carter-Fonda said the organization is in need of baby supplies, including diapers of all sizes, food and formula; feminine hygiene products, adult diapers and nonperishable food.

All donations can be brought to the group’s warehouse, 2201 Hodges St., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

She said Cajun Navy Lake Charles maintains three officers — herself, Mike Reid, president, and Daniel Woodrow, vice president — and all other members are volunteers.

“Last week Daniel and I took roughly 7,000 pounds of products in a 25-foot open trailer plus loaded up items in the backseat of the truck,” she said.

Carter-Fonda said the pair made the delivery to what remains of a Panama City church that Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on. The church is a sister church of Church of the King in Lake Charles.

“These people have nothing,” she said. “People are begging for water and we talked to people who had not eaten for two days.”

She said there is a forklift in the warehouse that will allow them to unload donated items, “we just need people to bring the supplies.”

Carter-Fonda said Panama City “is a war zone and they need our help.”

For more information, call Carter-Fonda at 794-8427; Woodrow, 249-1561; or Reid, 802-3154.””Donations needed