New school year, fresh start

Combre-Fondel Elementary Principal Mark Steward gives students the red carpet treatment Tuesday as he welcomes them back on their first day of the new school year.

<div class="Content"><p class="indent">Tamaya Stevens said her son, Quinton, was “ready” for his first day of kindergarten at Fairview Elementary School on Tuesday.

<p class="indent">“Time flew by,” she said. “I can’t believe it. I mean, he’s more excited than I am!”

<p class="indent">Fairview Principal Lori Bertrand greeted families with warmth as students said their good-byes, finalized registration details and got directions to their new classrooms.

<p class="indent">Students cheered and high-fived as they learned of their new teachers and greeted their classmates. After reading his teacher’s name, one student said, “Oh, she’s so nice!”

<p class="indent">The first day at Combre-Fondel Elementary School included a red carpet entrance and a backdrop for students to take photos.

<p class="indent">“We wanted the kids and families to know that we’re glad they picked Combre-Fondel,” said Principal Mark Steward.

<p class="indent">Steward said he wants parents and community members to become more “connected” to what’s going on at the school.

<p class="indent">Students at Lake Charles College Prep approached the morning with ease and confidence as they greeted their peers and teachers. Co-Principal Marve Servier said the staff felt the excitement in the room as the “scholars” were welcomed.

<p class="indent">Akasha Coleman, a freshman, said she was excited about returning to her math classes.

<p class="indent">“It’s easy for me, and I just enjoy it,” she said.

<p class="indent">Senior Emile Price said he is eager to learn more about how to be successful in college, but he also hopes to be prepared by great teachers.

<p class="indent">“I liked all of my teachers last year, and I’m hoping it’ll be the same again this year,” he said.