Fort Polk soldier suffers miscarriage during training exercise

A female Fort Polk infantry soldier suffered a loss of pregnancy while participating in a lengthy training exercise at the installation’s Joint Readiness Training Center.

The soldier was training as part of her brigade with the 10th Mountain Division in a remote training area known as “the box” when she suffered a miscarriage. Fort Polk officials did not confirm reports that the soldier was involved in an accident involving a military transportation vehicle during the training.

According to Fort Polk spokesperson Kim Reischling, the soldier did not know that she was pregnant until she began participating in the weeks-long training exercise and began receiving treatment for nausea.

“Following medical protocol, the soldier was tested for pregnancy and the test was positive. The soldier was put on light duty as the unit coordinated for her redeployment so she could return home. It was during this time that the soldier suffered a miscarriage,” Reischling stated.

The soldier is currently receiving support through her chain of command, and Reischling stated that the safety and welfare of soldiers continues to be “of the utmost importance” to the brigade command team and the JRTC and Fort Polk comand team.