Duvall re-elected Rosepine mayor

Vernon Parish voters re-elected Rosepine Mayor Donna Weeks-Duvall to another term, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office.

Weeks-Duvall claimed her seat with 292 votes, or 66 percent, over opponent James “Dennis” Parrot, who got 148 of the total 440 Rosepine votes cast. Weeks-Duvall was first elected in 2010.

She will be joined by familiar face Delbert Keel, who was re-elected as Rosepine police chief based on the unofficial results. Keel won 295 votes, or 68 percent, over opponent Randy Perry.

Vernon voters also decided the faces of its new school board panel, with Lisa Thompson winning the District 8 seat with 880 votes, or 69 percent, over opponent Michael R. Sanders who had 399 votes, or 31 percent.

The five District 1 school board seats on the ballot remained with their incumbents, with Robert Pynes Jr. bringing in the highest amount of votes at 1,888, or 19 percent. Pynes was followed closely by fellow incumbents Steve Woods, Doug Brandon, Jackie Self and Jim Seaman with votes split nearly identically amongst the four. Sixth opponent Ne’Andrea Riggins-Hawkins brought in the least amount of votes at 836, or 9 percent.

In Simpson, the race for police chief was decided by just 45 votes, as Dale Strauser claimed victory over opponent Austin Burns with 57 percent, or 174 votes, of a total 303 votes cast.

Hornbeck will see a run-off in the coming months to decide its police chief between “Missy” Martelle and Marshall Wayne Evans Jr. Martelle earned the largest margin of votes Tuesday with 84, or 45 percent. Evans followed close behind with 59 votes, or 32 percent, over third opponent Creg Vaughn who won 43 votes, or 23 percent.

The majority of Hornbeck’s alderman votes were won by Lance Ellis, with 18 percent, followed closely by Jon Hyatt with 16 percent. The next two majority votes were won by Gregory Lantier and Terri Whiddon, both with 14 percent, followed by Lawrence Trotti to make the top five of candidates on the ballot.””Stock voters