Welsh working to resolve brown water issue

Welsh WaterAmerican Press composite

WELSH — A new filtering system could soon alleviate the discolored water issues that have been plaguing local residents.

For the past few weeks some residents have been living with brown water after the town began draining water from its old water tank to a new ground water storage tank that had recently been completed to improve the town’s water supply.

“All of a sudden we had brown water,” Mayor Carolyn Louviere said. “It was bad.”

The town began flushing its lines, but the problems continued, she said.

“Things just weren’t happening fast enough,” she said.

This week, Louivere met with engineers and the town’s work crew in an effort to resolve the problem quicker.

“All efforts are being made to clear up the problem as quickly as possible,” Louviere said.

A new rock-based filtration system is being installed to help filter the water, and flush valves are being added in some locations to help resolve the problem. The town is also continuing to flush out the lines overnight to help clear the lines.

“We are on track to getting things cleared up,” she said. “Hopefully everything will begin to get back to normal soon and our customers will have clean water again.”

Any resident continuing to have problems should contact Town Hall at 734-2231.