Agriculture important to Louisiana

The American Press


Louisiana agriculture is a very important part of Louisiana’s economy, and it’s good to see it isn’t being forgotten in Washington, D.C.

There are about 30,000 farms in Louisiana and agriculture in general ranks among the top three state industries, right along with the petrochemical industry and tourism.

We need to support all aspects of our state’s agriculture, including forestry with nearly 14 million acres of forestland.

And America continues to be a “bread basket” for the world because of our farmers and ranchers all over the nation.

At the recent “Ag Day” event, the theme was “Agriculture: Food for Life.” That’s why we need to support our farmers more than ever.

In Washington, the Trump administration is considering legislative, regulatory and other policy changes stemming from the Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity, which Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue chairs.

The task force has proposed five key areas to support our farmers and rural communities, as follows:

  • “Achieving e-Connectivity” for Rural America to promote economic development and workforce readiness.
  • “Improving Quality of Life” in such areas as affordable housing and employment opportunities for social well-being and community resilience.
  • “Supporting a Rural Workforce” by identifying employment needs, attracting available workers and assisting with workforce training.
  • “Harnessing Technological Innovation” by improving technology to increase output across American farmlands.
  • “Developing the Rural Economy” by investing in rural area needs that will lead to more “Made in America” products available both here and abroad, boosting U.S. global competitiveness in the process.

“No doubt, rural America has struggled under burdensome regulations with no voice in Washington,” Secretary Perdue said. “But under President Trump’s leadership, and with the work of this task force, we can turn that around are restore rural prosperity once and for all.”

Those are worthwhile goals for the nation, as well as Louisiana where our farmers, ranchers and rural areas deserve our support and appreciation for all they do to provide us with our daily sustenance.